Squarespace June 2016 - Present

  • Senior Software Engineer

    • Increased developer efficiency by splitting the monolithic frontend from the backend

      • Increased reliability by migrating the static asset origin to Google Cloud Storage

      • Reduced build times from 25 minutes to 15 minutes

      • Enabled hot reloads of new frontend versions to allow for isolated build and deployment pipelines (in progress)

    • Decreased operational toil by leading the migration efforts of the monolithic CMS platform to Kubernetes

      • Coordinated with 7+ teams spanning multiple quarters to accomplish a shared goal

      • Reduced production deployment times from 50 minutes to 6 minutes

      • Reduced new instance creation from 2 hours to 1.5 minutes

  • Software Engineer

    • Reduced alert fatigue by migrating metrics and alerts for the core CMS monolith to service level alerting using Prometheus and Alertmanager

    • Eliminated configuration drift by replacing existing, hard coded configuration classes with a file based system

    • Increased uptime by triaging, diagnosing, and resolving numerous production incidents for the core CMS platform

  • Site Reliability Engineer

    • Participated in an on call rotation for Squarespace supporting the monolith, microservices, and their downstream dependencies

    • Interviewed over 50 candidates for Site Reliability Engineering roles including phone screens and on site interviews

    • Worked on a small team to engineer a caching solution to support significantly higher then normal traffic for the Super Bowl 2018 commercial staring Keanu Reeves

    • Proved viability of the Kubernetes platform by migrating Squarespace’s first microservice to Kubernetes

    • Increased developer efficiency by introducing an open source, containerized CI/CD system to support and promote build as code

Spotify June 2015 - August 2015

  • Site Reliability Engineering Intern

    • Built an auto remediation framework for bare metal hosts


Rochester Institute of Technology August 2012 - May 2016

  • Bachelor of Science (double major)

    • Networking and Systems Administration

    • Computing Security


  • Open Keyless

    • Built a keyless entry system for contactless key cards using custom printed circuit boards, 3D models, and controller software in Go

  • Cold Brew

    • Converted a Kyoto cold brew tower into an electronic cold brewer controllable through the browser using a custom 3D printed mount, peristaltic pump, Go back end, and Vue.js frontend

  • Mr. Spicer 2000

    • Constructed a powered Halloween costume resembling a drink machine using simple circuits, LEDs, and peristaltic pumps to mix negronis at the press of an illuminated button

  • Openroast

    • Reverse engineered a USB controlled coffee roaster with a friend

    • Wrote a desktop application using Python and PyQt to control the coffee roaster, visualize the roast in real time, and provide repeatable roast profiles


Programming languages I’ve written, tested, and ran in production

  • Go, Java, Python 

Technologies I’ve operated and debugged in production

  • The JVM, Kubernetes, Prometheus, Docker, Varnish


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